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GoByte (GBX) is a cryptocurrency based on Dash aimed at vendors to provide monetary services. GoByte features the masternode technology, which provides to the network near-instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions.

What is GoByte?

GoByte (GBX) is a cryptocurrency based on Dash aimed at vendors to provide monetary services . GoByte features the masternode technology, which provides to the network near-instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions. The near-instant payments known as InstantSend technology, average at 1.3 seconds per transaction. The anonymous transactions known as PrivateSend technology, mix your funds trough the masternodes network, making near-imposible to trace back the origin of the funds.

What is our vision?

Our project is not aiming to build the blockchain around the existing economy. We are aiming to create a new economy around the blockchain.
The first step into building the GoByte Network economy is by providing liquidity and ways to acquire GBX coins. Therefore, a part of our current development team which has past experience into building, developing and maintaining bank ATMs that are currently being actively used around the word, have decided to build and develop our own ATMs and POS Terminals along with Card Reads and more.
All of those devices will be directly linked to the GoByte Pay module which will attribute to the customers an identity and act as a central bank of the entire economic system. Allowing you to deposit, withdraw, perform payments, loan GBX coins, link or request GoByte Pay Debit/Credit cards to use with our ATMs, POS Terminals or CardReaders.
In order to create a self-sustaining economical system, GoByte had implemented the Governance feature, currently found in Dash and more other cryptocurrencies. The governance feature allows to the masternode holders to vote, fund or reject proposals submitted by the community, from event sponsorships to acts of charity or developer bounties. By funding projects, the community can sustain the media/events appearance and even the development, without the reliance of a central development team.

Future Proof

We’re making a cryptocurrency that’s easier to learn, use, and more secure than any before. We believe that blockchain technology needs to disappear into the background, leaving only an intuitive and beautiful interface that’s as easy to use as the likes of PayPal.
We know there are looming concerns when it comes to legislation in the crypto space. So we are taking precautions against the threat of government intervention. The world of cryptocurrency is very new, and fraught with uncertainty. The biggest challenge that cryptos now face are future regulations that government entities such as the SEC are assumed to be planning.

Anonymous Transactions Governments are interested in taking away our privacy to send digital currencies, in the name of “Combating terrorism financing and money laundering.” To solve this problem, GoByte will have an on/off switch for the anonymizing feature of GoByte. Turning this off would leave it much in the same way as Bitcoin is now, in that transactions, with considerable effort, would be somewhat trackable.

The Howey Test and Securities Laws Government entities around the world that regulate securities, are beginning to take action against cryptocurrencies and ICOs that they consider to be securities. We have designed GoByte to be sure that it will pass the “Howey Test” that the U.S. government uses. The following explains the reasons why:

Profit Generation for Users

GoByte holders earn income, in the form of more minted GBX coins, by placing them within our masternode system. Therefore, GoByte passes rule #4 of the Howey Test, which states “Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party”


GoByte has a built in governance system, whereby the masternode holders vote on leadership and various aspects of GoByte's key metrics and functions, controlling the profit-generating process. Since our cryptocurrency is controlled by its users, not the founders, it cannot be considered to be a security.

Blockchain Profits

The governance treasury is controlled by a non-profit GoByte Foundation, and the price of GoByte doesn’t represent the value of this foundation or the company(s) that are hired to maintain and upgrade it.

While GoByte holders don’t need to ever trade/exchange our tokens in order to profit by their ownership, we expect that GoByte will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and it’s well known that getting listed onto these exchanges can add considerable value. Many experts expect that the Governments will soon start to pressure or force crypto exchanges to de-list those that are found to be securities. GoByte should not have that problem.

Taxation The GoByte Project supports all efforts to keep governments from taxing cryptocurrencies, which will severely hamper innovation and growth in these world-changing technologies. As we consider it a necessity, our "Pay" module has functions like collection and payment of taxes by merchants who use GoByte. Specifically, our “Auto Split” function can automatically split off a percentage of any transfer coming into a wallet address, geo-tagged by location to set the percentage, and set it inside a separate “pocket” or even automatically send it to another wallet address (such as a state or government’s wallet address.) This will save GoByte users a lot of time and expense complying with tax regulations that may appear in the future.

Conclusion With these innovations, we believe that GoByte is at this time the only cryptocurrency that has built in ways to comply with whatever roadblocks government organizations put up to prevent mainstream adoption.

The roadmap is summarized below and more information can be found in the white paper

  • Launch Website [Completed]
  • Windows, Mac and Linux Wallet Release [Completed]
  • Get listed on Exchanges [Completed]
  • Get listed on Coinmarketcap [Completed]
  • Get listed on Masternode Monitor Website [Completed]
  • Get listed on Whattomine [Completed]
  • WhitePaper [Completed]
  • Mobile Wallets [Completed]
  • Paper Wallet [Completed]
  • Payment Gateway - GoBytePay [Completed]
  • Payment Gateway - Apps [Completed]
  • Get listed on Exchanges [Completed]
  • Register GoByte Sdn. Bhd. [Completed]
  • POS Terminal Development [Dev. Started]
  • Marketing and Awareness campaign [Completed]
  • Update GoByte Core Wallet [Completed]
  • Masternode Reward Increase to 55% [Completed]
  • List on a decentralized Governance [Completed]
  • Blockchain Audit (US/MY/EU) [Completed]
  • PR and promotion [Completed]
  • Testing GBX payments on vending machines [Completed]
  • GoByte Pay (iOS & Android) [Completed]
  • GoByte ATM Machine [Dropped]
  • Business Model [Planning]
  • GoByte Pay 2.0 [Planning]
  • Add Altcoin to GoByte Pay 2.0 [Planning]
  • GoByte Masternode Hosting [Planning]
  • Second network layer [Planning]
  • Active vendors: 10 [Planning]
  • New Website [UnderDev]

Why you should use GoByte?

Super Fast

Your time is valuable. InstantSend payments confirm in less than a second.


Security you can count on. Transactions are confirmed by miners and masternode servers hosted around the world.

Asic Resistant

Superior, efficient and fair mining that runs using GPU


Protect your financial information. PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private.

Difficulty Retargeting

Difficulty retarget using Dark Gravity Wave.


Masternodes help keep integrity of the network and enable support for PrivateSend and InstantSend

Meet Our Team



Hisyam is the creator of GoByte. He first discovered blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies through Bitcoin in 2017, and was immediately excited by the technology and its potential. With a bachelor's degree from a well-known university from Malaysia, Hisyam is an experienced system and network engineer.

Muhammad Nabil


Programmer with a deep interest in software design and architecture, cloud security and distributed systems. Nabil makes executive decisions regarding things such as the purchase of IT equipment from suppliers or the creation of new systems.

Mathieu Arbez


Mathieu is a well-known passionated graphic designer / illustrator in the altcoin scene, who has been interested in cryptocurrency since the early days. Mathieu submits ideas for experimental marketing programs designed to enhance and grow the company’s brand.

Akif Rabbani


Experienced in back-end system development, Akif has a bachelor's degree from a prominent university in Malaysia. Skilled in developing million- level system architecture, he has experience with big data, advertising algorithms, DMP systems, BT systems, CTR platforms and high concurrent system framework.

Antonio Moratti

Romania, Bucharest

CMO of GoByte and a member of the Board of Directors. With extensive experience in community-building operations, Antonio has successfully managed projects with more than a hundred thousand users. He has focused on blockchain since 2016.

Mohd Abdul Syafiq


Syafiq has a bachelor's degree and is experienced in effect design and creative design in the internet industry. Syafiq assists in monitoring active marketing programs and developing ways to improve those campaigns.

Advisory board

Jarrad Williams


Jarrad is an entrepreneur and always looking for practical and useful implementations of new and disruptive ideas. His focus is on EV infrastructure and the energy domain.

Brad Nickel


Brad is an exciting blockchain enthusiast & specialist to work with. He is helping GoByte to improve its placement in the payments marketplace, providing guidance on product, strategy, and more.

Masoud Gheysari

United Arab Emirates

Masoud Gheysari registered Karsha Business & Technology Inc. as a legal corporation on November 2011. He started expanding this automatic exchange system, accepting newly introduced cryptocurrencies and being one of the very first Bitcoin service providers.


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