The legacy GoByte chain

Meet GBX original blockchain for fast transactions worldwide, without need of gas or additional tokens. We keep a rock solid gobyte with <2 min blocks and Instantsend technology handled by a network of thousands of Masternodes

Manage Your GoByte

The GoByte Wallets allow You to Securely Store and Transact with GBX from different platforms and devices easily. Choose your favourite flavour!

A network powered by Masternodes

GoByte Masternode holders earn GBX by securing GoByte network and obtain 65% of each block reward. GBX earned may be spent, traded, liquidated or accumulated into new masternodes to compound earnings.

Why owning a GoByte Masternode

Passive income

Masternode owners obtain 65% of each block reward while helping grow GoByte Network

+1500 MN's

GoByte holds one of the biggest blockchain Masternode networks

Easy setup

GoByte has partnered with solid and competitive providers to host its MN network

How to set up your masternode easily

Best Masternode hosting providers

GoByte has partnered with the best Masternode providers in the market to let their users access 1st class hosting platforms and grow a powerful network of nodes